Frequently asked

Building your dream log home is a once in a lifetime experience, here are a few common questions about the log building process.

At Caledonia Log Homes we understand that embarking on a log build can be a daunting experience. We have been hand-crafting our bespoke log homes for over a decade and are the most experienced log home builders in Scotland.

Here are a few pointers which could help guide you through the process.

To discuss your project, please get in touch.

Finding a plot

How can I find a suitable plot?

Finding the perfect plot for your log home can be a challenge. We would recommend researching the local area and contacting estate agents who specialise in land and building plots.

 You can also register with online plot databases, such as Plot Search from Build Store.

Can you help me find a plot?

Unfortunately we don’t sell building plots. Occasionally we hear of plots which have become available but it is always best to contact your local estate agent in the first instance.

What makes a suitable plot?

Finding a serviced plot (one which has utilities on or nearby the plot) is often advisable, however this is not always necessary for a log home build –  especially is you are going ‘off grid’.

Depending upon the landscape and position of your log home, a sheltered plot can offer some natural protection from the elements. We can advise the best type of log home to build on your plot.

Planning and permissions

Do I need an architect?

We would always recommend the use of an architect to design and detail your log home.

We offer in-house architectural services to design your log home to your exact requirements. We can deal with all necessary plannign consents, approvals and warrants.

Do I need planning permission?

For a domestic log home it is highly likely that you will need planning permission.

Once we have worked with you to create a conceptual design for your log home we can submit a planning application to you local authority.  

What other statutory approvals are required?

In the UK, most domestic builds will require planning consent, followed by a building warrant.

This ensures the building construction complies with the necassary building regulations and codes of practice.

It is also common to require a Certificate of Structural Design which will be provided by our structural engineer.


How much does a log home cost?

Each of our builds is bespoke and unquie to you. Our architect can work with you to design and detail your new log home to your exacting requirements.

We offer a range of build packages to suit your budget, from supply and install of log shell only, to insulated weathertight builds and completed log homes in full move-in condition.

There are many factors which can influence the cost of your new log home and the best way to establish a cost is to commission an outline design. This conceptual study will develop a building design taking into account your desired layout, materials, and building details.

For further advice on indicative pricing, please get in touch and we can discuss your project in more detail.

Can I get a mortgage on my log home?

Yes, many lenders will offer mortgages on timber homes. We can provide documentation to your mortgage adviser to support your application.

How are payments managed during the build process?

We break our build schedule into phases, with corresponding payments due at each phase. We will prepare a payment schedule at the beginning of the project.

The build process

What is the build process for a bespoke log home?

You can read about our process for building your log home here.

What type of foundations does a log home need?

The specification and design of the foundations will be determined by the design of your log home and the site conditions.

Our architect and structural engineer will assess the ground conditions and prepare a specification to suit your building.

How long does it take to build a log home?

The timeline varies depending upon the size and design of your log home build.

However, a typcial 2 – 3 bed log home may take between 8 – 12 weeks to handcraft the frame in our yard.

As the log frame is built off-site, it can be set-up on your foundation very efficiently. Typically much quicker than a traditional build.

The external walls of your log home can go up within a week, and the building brought to weathertight typically within a further 7 – 11 weeks.


What is included in my log home build?

We offer a range of build packages from supply and set-up of the log frame only to weathertight builds.

If required we can also compete the internal fit-out of your log home, delivering it in move-in condition.

During our initial discussions we can tailor a package of works to suit you and your project.


Materials and construction

What type of materials are used to build a bespoke log home?

We are extremely passionate about the use of local materials and only use the highest quality Scottish timber for our log homes.

Sourced from forests throughout Scotland, all of our timber is hand-picked to ensure it is exactly right for your log home.

Because of it’s superior strength we use Douglas Fir for the majority of our structural and facing timbers, with Scottish Larch favoured for external cladding.

We also offer a range of cut timbers for use within your log home, and can provide windows, doors, skirting boards, flooring and intenal cladding, all hand-crafted from local Scottish timber.

What is a 'post & beam' log home?

In a post & beam log home, the building structure is engineered using a series of log beams, which are supported by log posts. This impressive timber structure is crafted from fully-round logs of circa 300mm – 500mm in diameter. The posts are strategically positioned to offer support in key areas of the building, whilst providing an opportunity for large open plan internal spaces.

A post & beam build can also incorporate large areas of glazing, capturing the perfect view from your plot.

Externally the log home can be clad with a variety of materials from Scottish Larch or Douglas Fir cladding, to natural stonework.


What is a 'full-scribe' log home?

A full-scribe or ‘traditional’ log home or log cabin is built using fully-round logs which are expertly ‘scribed’ to fit perfectly on top of one another. Corners are finished with hand-crafted 

This is log building at it’s finest, and is amazing to behold.

In a full-scribe log build the horizontal logs form the external and internal walls, giving a beautiful natural feel to your home or cabin.

Our log builders have developed their craft ensuring our builds stand up to the rigours of our climate. We have developed techniques and products which are unique to Caledonia Log Homes, ensuring our full-scribe log homes stand the test of time.

Can I use my own timber / trees?

Yes. We use Douglas Fir for the majority of our builds. If you own a forest which has the right quality and quantity of trees then we can visit your forest to assess the standing timber. We can then investigate options for harvesting and haulage to our yard.

How sustainable is a log home?

A log home crafted from locally grown timber is an extremely sustainable building method. You can read much more about the sustainability of a log home here.