log home design & build

Turning your dreams into reality.

For all of our customers, designing and building a bespoke log home has been a lifelong dream. At Caledonia Log Homes, we offer a full log home design and build service, to make this dream a reality. Our simple process is outlined below:

Stage 1.

Initial discussions  

For all our customers, a log home design and build has been a lifelong dream, something we at Caledonia Log Homes can help make a reality. We have a simple pathway to achieving this dream. Please get in touch either by phone or email with as much information as you have about your project. Everything helps at this stage, sketches, pictures, floor plans and site photographs enable us to establish the scope of the project. We will also ask about your budget, whether you own a building plot and rough time frames.  A Fee Proposal will aslo be issued setting out a cost breakdown for concept development, site visit, planning applicaton and application for building warrant.

Stage 2.

                                Site visit

Our architect, Kevin will arrange to come and meet you on your site.  A build location will be discussed as well as site measurments being taken.  Access will also be assessed for the delivery of your log structure and siting of the crane for erection.

Stage 3.

Planning process

A two part process.  Initial concept drawings will be produced in line with your design brief.  This will allow us to agree on the project design and initial estimates can be produced.  Concept drawings can then be amended and submitted to the local authority by our in house architect for the planning application.

Stage 4.

Preparation of working drawings and submission of building warrant drawings.

Working closley with Kevin and Chris we will go through your build in detail, bringing your dream one step closer to reality.  Location and layout of rooms, window positions, electrial layout and heating systems are all decided here.  The look and feel of your build is planned at this stage and layout of internal log beams, joists, purlins, ridges, feature trusses and log stair design are all discussed and agreed upon. Kevin will sketch up working drawings that will be submitted to Building Control and final pricing will be agreed.  We work closley with a local structural engineer who will develop and produce a Certificate of Design for the foundations and superstructure.  They will also acrry out a site investigation and design soakaways and sewage treatment systems if they are needed.

Contracts for the build will be signed.

Stage 5.

Log selection

We actively select all the logs we use from a variety of forests throughout Scotland, using predominantley Douglas Fir and Larch. We source all our logs from local forests that are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) approved. We are happy to involve customers in this process and a trip to the forest to pick the logs for your home can provide an exciting start to the building project.  The logs are then felled and transported to our building yard in the Scottish Borders.

Stage 6.

Log  work

Each log is individually selected for a specific place in the building.  It is then expertly hand peeled, scribed and cut to a the highest standards before it is added to the structure. When the building is complete the window and door sections will be cut and holes will be drilled internally for all electrical fittings.

Once work in the yard is complete, we will mark all the logs and dismantle the building for transportation to your site where we re-build it in a matter of days.

Stage 7.

On site

Your log shell is delivered to site and set up on the foundation. We then bring the build to weather tight finish and depending on your contract start the internal fit out.

Log building in the yard

Our team use only the highest quality Douglas Fir logs for our builds. Watch as the team expertly cut joints and set-out the build in the yard.

Post & Beam on-site

Once the log work is complete in the yard the timber frame is transported to site. Our team meticulously erect the frame, which goes up in just a few days.

Woodburn Dipper

An example of a finished Post & Beam log home. Woodburn Dipper is a beautiful family home and showcases the very best of log building in the UK.


For an obligation-free chat about your project, please get in touch. We'd love to help bring your dreams to life.