Design & Build

For most potential customers, building and living in a self designed log home has been a lifelong dream, something we at Caledonia Log Homes can help make a reality

Our staff will work with you to make the building process as smooth as possible. In house we are able to offer personalised plans and can recommend an experienced architect, who can guide you through the planning application. We will gladly meet potential clients for an initial converstaion and inspection of the potential building site, and then recommened clients to make contact with an architect and have bespoke concept drawings created (which we can supply for a fee of £250 plus VAT). 

Every handcrafted log home we build is unique. Different cornering systems, roof systems and style affect the price making it difficult to price a log home without these accurate plans. We pride ourselves on setting a fixed price for the works and completing on time to our very high standards.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of the above. We are always happy to take your calls and advise in any way possible.

We actively select all the logs we use from a variety of forests throughout Scotland, using tree species such as Douglas Fir, Larch and Norway Spruce. We source all our logs from local forests that are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) approved.

We are happy to involve customers in this process and a trip to the forest to pick the logs for your home can provide an exciting start to the building project. It’s possible to make the process even more eco-friendly by selecting to have the logs removed by Homestead Horse Logging.

The logs are then transported to our building yard in the Scottish Borders.

Each log is individually selected for a specific place in the building.  It is then expertly hand peeled, scribed and cut to a professional standard before it is added to the structure.

When the building is completed the window and door sections will be cut and holes will be drilled internally for all electrical fittings.

We then mark all the logs and dismantle the building for transportation to your site where we re-build it in a matter of days.

At Caledonia Log Homes we believe in protecting our environment and building sustainable homes. Our unique 'zero waste' building option allows new log home owners to buy a truly environmentally friendly building. The idea is simple- any unwanted timber from the construction is collected, and the new building has a bio mass boiler installed. We then process the waste products into fuel for the bio mass boiler, essentially heating your home for free and resulting in zero waste from the building process! For more information on bio mass boilers please give us a call.

We offer a range of insulation solutions which compliment the design of your log home.

A ‘Fully Scribed’ log home comes with an innovative insulation product known as the P Gasket which fits and is hidden from view between every log to provide an air-tight seal.

Caledonia Log Homes is proud to be the only supplier of the P Gasket to the Log home industry in the UK.

Log homes require a professionally laid foundation to deter any unwanted movement in the buidling.

Working closely with several local companies we are able to provide a quote for this aspect of the build and happily liase with the contractor to ensure the works is carried out to the required standard.

All Caledonia Log Homes products contain where appropiate:

  • premium hand peeled full length logs
  • removal of all external chainsaw cuts
  • sanding and buffing of all knots and scars
  • interlocking compression fit 4 point saddle notch corners
  • compression fit air seal gasket in all external notches and lateral grooves
  • kerf cuts to control checking
  • frame wall cuts to accept interior frame walls
  • structural through bolting and wooden pinning around openings
  • ledge cuts to accept dimensional flooring
  • drilling for wiring and mortising of electrical boxes
  • windows and doors cut and detailed to your requirements
  • douglas fir structural beams, joists and roof system cut and sized according to strength requirements
  • all necessary settling allowances including through-bolts
  • over scribing of notches
  • end trim cut detailed and sanded